Lorenzo Damiani's Flying Office

November 2015
Italian designer Lorenzo Damiani has created and directly manufactured an office that is literally mobile. “The Flying Office is a mobile office, a flying one. This project renews the traditional concept of the workplace as a static place, occupying a corner often isolated from the rest. With Flying Office, the office 'flies' — it is lifted off the ground to be transported, moving in space not only horizontally but also vertically. The project is based on the pallet module: a crude wooden pallet turns into an office. Eight axes define an open cube, without walls, able to continuously modify its relationship with the environment. Despite this ease, nothing is missing at the functional level: the lighting system and the electrical outlet, the comfortable desk, the chair — equipped with pillows, and shelves for documents and objects.” Back in 2010, Damiani also created a kind of portable workstation. Called the Iulmino, that one was based on an easel and devised for use by 33 students at IULM University in collaboration with the Triennale di Milano. “You can use it while standing or sitting at different heights. Each configuration includes a table top, pen holder, clothes hanger, and a supplementary holder for a bag, briefcase, computer, etc. Also, the table top, if turned vertically, becomes a tool for presentations.” And the entire thing can be closed to save space!