Lorenzo Palmeri


February 2016
Lorenzo Palmeri initially worked with Bruno Munari and Isao Hosoe. During the same period, he also studied music, thus further expanding his profile: his experience in architecture, interior, and product design now included musical production and composition. Palmeri has recently signed a series of projects linked to nature-inspired concepts, but for several different interior design companies: Nodus for rugs, Jannelli e Volpi for wallpapers, Stone Italiana for stone surfaces, and Alpi for wood veneers. This choral approach has generated mutual cross-inspired surfaces, a sort of hy- brid neology in the sector.

“Confessions was born when Stone Italiana met Alpi. The braided lines produce mysterious and ancestral patterns that evoke unfathomable depths. Optical illusions and vertigoes occur, with small colour differences between the foreground and background that easily exchange roles. The grid pattern relies on different cultures and, according to different traditions, can become simple or very complex, even daring. Stone and wallpaper joined forces through Stone Italiana and Jannelli e Volpi, achieving a transposition of texture from paper to stone, a superimposition of papers on irregular surfaces of recomposed quartz, a material chosen for its affinity and strong tactile component. With Stone Italiana, we presented Juta, a stone surface inspired by interlacing textile with small movements, sometimes only tiny textures that were transposed using a Micro 3D process. Textiles meet stone in the encounter between Stone Italiana and Nodus, result- ing in the Macramé collection. Each knot is different from the next, as unique as the hand that wove it. The transposition from the world of textiles to that of stone creates a sort of living fossil, irregular, imperfect. The craftsmen and artisans at both Nodus and Stone Italiana, worked together virtually to give life to a stone surface that is soft like carpet.” The Erbamatta wallpaper by Jannelli e Volpi is presented in two versions, one mounted on TNT and the other on Velcro-equipped panels, whereas the Erbamatta carpets by Nodus com- prise two models, Tarassaco (dandelion) and Centoc- chio (chickweed), and are hand knotted in Nepal.”