Luca Nichetto

Designer for Salviati

June 2017
Back in 1999, Luca Nichetto began his professional career with Murano-based glassmaker Salviati, later becoming a product designer and consultant, and founding his eponymous practices in Venice and Stockholm. During Milan design Week, Salviati presented Decode/Recode, a new path of projects undertaken by the company that decode the designer’s ideas and then recode them into glass products. The balancing of traditional and contemporary approaches taken by Luca Nichetto has brought these immersive and stunning installations that explore the theme of modularity in glass.
Presented in the Fuorisalone’s new Ventura Centrale district, the Pyrae installation contained many illuminated totems, each formed by the simple stacking of hand-blown glass: 25 unique modules using 10 traditional techniques and 15 colours, allowed for the creation of thousands of combinations, populating the space in a diverse and multicoloured array. Nichetto explains: “A fascination for the depiction of human forms through culture and history — for the idea of character — materialises here in 53 different objects. Exploring the expressive potential of Salviati glass, we used colour and technique to design simple modules that when combined, introduce the possibility of creating more than 10,000 original figures where not one is the same and each is beautifully proportioned.”