January 2017
Previewed at NeoCon 2016, leather is the latest product initiative to expand the creative reach of the Maharam Design Studio, with a launch of eight styles in 100 unique colours.
Exclusively sourced in Italy, with the exception of a Spanish suede, the collection forgoes the excessive finishing that characterises much of the leather available today. Instead, guided by the company’s material expertise, the pieces celebrate the inherent beauty of the material, returned to a more natural state. The leathers are selected based on their grain or visual impact. Focused on inherent variation, Maharam’s offering deliberately highlights the unique natural features that distinguish leather from manmade, synthetic products.
To achieve this the company has developed relationships with a handful of boutique tanneries in northern Italy and Spain, chosen for their expert ability to produce the best of each desired quality; turning to Western Europe as the source of upholstery leather, thanks to its excellent veterinary practices, mild climate, absence of branding, and manner in which the animals are allowed to graze in open fields without barbed-wire fencing.