Maja Petri


April 2016
A Panorama of the Skies is a prototype of an immersive audiovisual installation created through a collaboration between Maja Petri , artist, and Hrvoje Benko, a researcher in human-computer interaction. Together they have been studying the possibilities of immersive technologies through which a space can be experienced emotionally. For this project, they trans- formed the experience of an otherwise normal conference in room number 3315 in Microsoft’s Building 99, through audiovisual content using a multi-projector, multi-depth-camera framework called RoomAlive Toolkit. This system involves five projectors and eight Kinect cameras, to acquire a detailed map of the room, register the projectors and cameras into a single co- ordinate system, and enable real-time projection-mapping in the immersive scene. “I am a new media artist working at the interface of science, technology, and art to transform the poetic experience of space. As a creative tool, I use cutting-edge technology and especially light, through which space is experienced emotionally. My focus has been on innovative experiences that engage perception, emotion, and imagination. The nature of the resulting artwork is defined by my fascination with science as the knowledge of the natural world, technology as the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, and art as the expression or application of human creativity.”