Marc Sadler


July 2017
The term ‘collection’ might sound reductive when applied to Raqam, the new light fixture designed by Marc Sadler for Masiero, a revitalised family firm first formed in 1981. The name comes from the Arabic word for embroidery. Technical expertise and a flair for experimentation, complemented by the engineering skills of Masiero’s technical team, was evident in the scenic installation Waitomo, hosted by Galleria Rubin at the Fuorisalone.
The compositions were produced by assembling seven glass elements derived from classical chandeliers and equipping them with LED light sources. “Think of the seven pieces as bricks. You can use them to build a simple wall or a cathedral.” Marc Sadler’s striking metaphor graphically explains the process and the design potential of the modular system developed by combining electronic and mechanical engineering with set design. “Raqam can be applied to large objects, façades, spaces, walls, and chandeliers, as explained in the technical data sheets that serve as simple but precious guidelines for architects and interior designers. It’s a new design language based on proportion and harmony that can be used to enhance light, spaces, and surfaces.”