Liquid Marble

January 2017
As part of London Design Festival 2016, designer Mathieu Lehanneur presented his spectacular work Liquid Marble at the Victoria & Albert Museum. Manufactured by MCM – Mármores Centrais do Minho, the piece evokes a surreal vision of the sea, mimicking the look and feel of rippling water. Made of a large, single piece of hand- polished black marble and designed using advanced 3D movie-making software, it reproduces the visual effect of an ocean surface gently ruffled by the wind. The structure reflects and distorts itself, and the intense black of the marble accentuates the colour of the sea, as if it has been fossilised in stone.
Liquid Marble was presented on a 30cm-high pedestal, offering viewers a close-up experience of the enigmatic effect of contrasting materials – both liquid and solid at the same time – and encouraging contemplation. This installation was a variation of Lehanneur’s on-going series exploring the materiality of marble, in which the designer combines his passion for design, science, technology, and art, and introduces an alchemic combination of science and a metaphysical approach.