Matteo Ragni

Designer for Azzurra

May 2016
“All ideas that have enormous consequences are always simple ideas.” This sentence by Tolstoy taken as the company motto explains the essential, efficient, and intelligent research that Azzurra portrays in its collections. This year, the Italian manufacturer has chosen to present An bio, a sink that narrates a double life. Designed by Matteo Ragni, An bio is the answer to daily needs in response to ever-changing lifestyles. “My work is often driven by the necessity to solve the little ‘complexities' of day-to-day life, and An bio came to light following a personal experience. It is dedicated to those who see the sink as a functional and relational space, not just as an object to be used”, Ragni explains. “The name evokes a hybrid creature that is equally at ease in any domestic or public environment. It bespeaks a bathroom that transcends limitations, embracing different functions and wider sociality. The spacious central bowl has shoulders on both sides where cups and toiletries can be placed.” Semi-concealed compartments in the rear permit the storage of other bathroom articles. Combining the sink with a set of accessories, such as the mirror at the back, is also original.