Michael Beese

Head of Portfolio management Bath & Shower Dornbracht

April 2017
Touchfree is a new, contact-free control that enhances Dornbracht’s product portfolio of basin fittings. Based on high-frequency technology, this feature has no visible sensor and can be combined with the entire Dornbracht series. “These applications will become increasingly relevant in places expecting many visitors; this includes semi-public washroom facilities in hotels, offices, restaurants, and airport lounges”, comments Michael Beese.
“Whereas previously basin fittings have mostly made use of infrared sensors, Dornbracht’s Touchfree brings the advantages of high-frequency technology to these particular areas for the first time. The added value is that, just like a motion detector, the device can be attuned to different ranges. The reliable and convenient HF sensor automatically switches the water on, and then switches it off again as soon as the individual leaves the wash place.”