Michael Schmidt, designer at code2design for Haworth

November 2015
"As places where people meet and communicate, office meeting areas should fulfil two key criteria: communication should be a pleasant experience, and the meeting environment must be appealing, comfortable, and cosy. Thus, we were inspired to create self-supporting partitions and coherent, flowing landscapes with excellent acoustics, maximum unbroken wall surfaces, and minimal visible supports. The result is an innovative solution with unique acoustic and design qualities. The interior of each wall is made of a patented, lightweight, flame-resistant material that is 100% recyclable”, Schmidt says, explaining the details of the interior design project for Kreissparkasse Köln. For this, Haworth developed a streamlined open plan that promotes communication and provides flexible spaces for a variety of tasks. The challenge was to accommodate a wide range of different work modes with often contrasting needs, such as privacy and discretion on the one hand, and open and friendly spaces on the other. Customer service areas and consultation booths were equipped with Hexagon desks and Comforto 59 swivel chairs, complemented by casual LTB and MeetYou lounge elements.