Michele De Lucchi: La Passeggiata

Architect and Designer at Unifor

November 2015
Devoted to the contemporary work environment, La Passeggiata (The Walk) describes a large installation shown at Workplace3.0 during this year’s Salone del Mobile. The project was conceived by Michele De Lucchi with the aim of creating an area in which to present design ideas and proposals that address the many ways in which we live and experience the workplace today. “La Passeggiata is a metaphor for the importance of avoiding immobility. Walking helps keep anxieties and worries away. Thinking of the work environment as a sort of gymnasium for exercising the mind means transforming it into a space in which interaction with others generates new ideas and possibilities”, comments the architect. “The office of the future is an ever-changing landscape, free from convention, always different, and it’s a constant instigator of innovation.” A circular, never-ending path through the labyrinthine meanderings of the workplace emphasises moving about in the office in order to spark the crucial stimulus needed for the creative process. This includes Hatch, a modular system consisting of refined partitions that incorporate doors, cabinets, desks, and sofas, in addition to Secretello, a desk conceived as a modern, functional, self-sufficient workstation and secretary, in the concept of a display case.