Machine Lamp by Curt Fischer

January 2017
Originally founded in 1919 by engineer Curt Fischer in East Germany, Midgard was the first company to build flexible, adjustable lamps, a true innovation at the beginning of the 20th century. Later, Industriewerke Auma, the manufacturer, became part of the GDR and was taken under state control. David Einsiedler and Joke Rasch, founders of PLY ‘unestablished furniture’ company, recently took over Midgard, including all of its tools, a huge archive full of original drawings, and the rights to its three classic lamp lines. Midgard is being relaunched in Cologne this year as part of Passagen, at the Aesop store (Pfeilstrasse 45, at the corner of Ehrenstrasse). On Tuesday, 17 January, 6-10pm, cocktails will be served, and there is an installation showcasing the versatile configuration and personalisation options of the Machine Lamp, in a most artistic way.