Miguel Milá

Designer for Santa & Cole

June 2017
This year, Santa & Cole is presenting a wireless version of the iconic Cesta family of lamps designed by Spanish master Miguel Milá over half a century ago. The enchanting new lighting object, a subtle cherrywood structure that holds aloft an opal-shaped glass form, has been enhanced to embody freedom of movement. The designer’s original concept for it in 1962 has now been fully realised in the smaller, rechargeable Cestita table lamp.
Says Milá, “I designed the Cestita so that it would be easy to move from place to place, without thinking that one day it could be truly au- tonomous. The fact that this is now possible is a gift. Cestita’s name (it means ‘little basket’ in Spanish) comes from the traditional rattan baskets that people used to carry round. Making it cordless was justified by that concept; it was not a superfluous change. Over time the product has evolved, and although it has remained the same in essence, we adapted it to contain the new technology. One of the main adjustments was using cherrywood instead of rattan for the structure. Technology has helped make it possible for the lamp to be autonomous, which is further justified by it being a transportable basket. It is not attributable to me but rather to circumstance that it became an icon.”