MINI Cooper SE

December 2019
Are you ready for the future? As users, private companies and ecologists emphasize the need for developing alternatives to petrol-powered vehicles, MINI has released the MINI Cooper SE. It combines sustainable urban mobility with the fun, expressive design and high quality that underscore the brand. Over 60 years ago, the revolutionary design of the classic Mini established the basis for maximum interior ace within a minimum surface area. It is the r model to combine electro-mobility in an urban setting while maintaining the brand properties of the British (owned by BMW since 2000). The electric motor is not only smaller but also significantly lighter than a combustion engine, thereby contributing to a great deal of agility that is akin to a go-kart-like driving experience. The high-voltage accumulator is located deep in the vehicle floor, meaning there are no restrictions of the luggage compartment volume. This allows you to enjoy driving the iconic little car, enjoy a highly emotional driving experience in urban traffic while driving emission-free. Let yourself feel electrified! Energy consumption in kWh/100 km combined: 16.8 – 14.8; fuel consumption in l/100 km combined: 0; C02 emissions in g/km combined: 0. Sounds great, doesn’t it?