photo © Julien Renault / Kewlox


Kewlox and Julien Renault

March 2017
For this project, designer Julien Renault’s took up the role of artistic director at Kewlox, an icon of Belgian design for its modular storage system since the 1950s.
Mist is a modular storage system, which creates a window frame of textured and translucent glass to reveal the colour and objects contained within the furniture.
Renault has maintained the logic of the classic structure of the Kewlox system, and used a palette of materials and finishes to achieve his interpretation.
Mist will be on view at ‘Belgitude’, an exhibition by Belgium is Design at Palazzo Litta during the Milan Design Week 4-9 April, curated by DAMNº.
photo © Julien Renault / Kewlox
photo © Julien Renault / Kewlox