Monument of Stitches

Isabel Berglund

February 2017
In 2015, artist Isabel Berglund created Monument of Stitches in Denmark, together with 650 local knitters, demonstrating her unique ability to make works of art with hundreds of participants knitting according to a concept she has developed.
The result is a series of six monumental artworks where Berglund’s aesthetically unified whole meets the individually-knitted contributions of the participants on equal terms. “As a textile artist, my project is to create form out of mass. My works are about identity and surfaces. In my collective art projects, the participants bring an identity to the work through their hand-knitted surfaces”, she informs.
The Monument of Stitches installation was assembled at the Trapholt museum in 2016, after each one of the individual pieces had been presented in each of the six cities in the Trekantområdet region of Denmark the previous year.