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September 2020
Schiltach, May 2020. The AXOR Places brand campaign launched this spring explores the places of memory of famous AXOR design partners and architects. The idea behind this campaign is as simple as it is obvious: a piece of the world is brought into the bathroom. Interviews with international architecture greats such as Sigurdur Thorsteinsson (Design Group Italia) from Reykjavik or Shirley Dong (Studio8) from Shanghai provide insight into their very personal 'Places of Memory' and link these to the individualization possibilities of the AXOR MyEdition faucet: maximum freedom in the choice of material for the mounting plate. AXOR MyEdition Allows Fixture CustomizationThe longing for something personal, unique and unmistakable drives us all. At the end of this development, the personalized product inspires. AXOR offers a neutral mounting plate for this purpose, which makes it possible to apply your own, individually selected material to the AXOR MyEdition faucet. With the support of a material specialist on site, the personal statement becomes a meaningful narrative: "Inspired by the memory of a certain encounter, a mood, an experience, a place of memory, we bring a certain material that reminds us of the place into the here and now. In this way, a piece of the world materializes in the appearance of the individual faucet", says Anke Sohn, Head of AXOR Brand Marketing.
The Icelandic highlands magically attract Sigurdur Thorsteinsson and he roams this raw landscape whenever he finds time. In Iceland, he says, there are still areas where no one has yet set their foot. To experience these mystical counter-worlds of lava, meandering rivers, scree fields, gorges and gigantic glaciers is unique for him. On a beautiful day, you are overwhelmed by the silence, the elemental force and the charisma of nature. When asked what piece of the world he would bring into his bathroom, his answer is clear: a piece of lava stone. The land of 10,000 waterfalls is his home, the elemental beauty of the highlands his place of memory. Shirley Dong grew up in Shanghai in a large, three-story villa in the middle of the city. A very special place for Shirley. Everywhere there were the typical Shanghai style, hexagonal tiles, terrazzo floors, windows with stained glass and paneling with decorative carvings. A house of memories, a childhood dream and a place of longing full of history and stories. When asked what piece of the world she would bring into her bathroom as a custom-made plate for AXOR MyEdition, she imagines porcelain, among other things. The complete interviews can be found on the brand’s website
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AXOR_MyEdition_Slate with Fossils
AXOR_MyEdition_Slate with Fossils