Nao Tamura

Designer for Nanimarquina

February 2016
Quill is the first collection designed by Nao Tamura for Nanimarquina. Driven by Nanimarquina’s creative background since 1987, the brand has succeeded in achieving unique designs for handcrafted rugs produced in India and Pakistan. Nao Tamura’s talent crosses cultures, languages, disciplines, concepts, and styles. She has received a number of prestigious prizes, including the IF Design Award, Red Dot Design Award, Industrial Design Excellence Award (Gold), and the Milano Salone Satellite Award (1st prize). At the end of 2015, the new collection for Nanimarquina was presented. “Inspired by stems from a feather, drawn by hand, each design is organic and subtle. As with all Nanimarquina rugs, the Quill collection is handmade, being unique and different, like nature itself. Quill expresses an understanding of the beauty that lies in the modest, rustic, and imperfect. We Japanese refer to this as wabi sabi, a philosophy that is apparent throughout this work. Like in nature, where no two shapes are alike, each Quill rug has its own expression, like a living creature.” Quill rugs can stand alone and can also be placed together to form inspiring combinations.