March 2018
Neolith®, a brand of sintered stone surfaces, announced new products following a Iive on-stand survey of prototypes at Marmomac 2017, Italy. The new range of Neolith products includes Retrostone, an elegant surface with a striking, big-grain effect based on terrazzo, a traditional manufacturing solution to help use up scraps of marble and granite by setting it in concrete. It’s a stone with a long history, extensively utilised by Venetian stonemasons in the 16th century, to produce a mesmerising, kaleidoscopic effect; a true design classic.
‘Throughout 2017, Neolith noticed an increase in demand from both architects and specifiers for terrazzo, alongside other vintage stone designs. Characterised by bold patterning and cosmopolitan sophistication, terrazzo has resurged in popularity largely thanks to its eco-friendly and low-maintenance qualities. Retrostone evokes the mosaic-like aesthetic which made terrazzo such a popular choice for interior designers in the 1950s and 1960s, bringing the design to a contemporary audience.’

DAMN°66 Materials presents products that are the new generation of products. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Patina trend:

"The return of the gentle allure of past interiors. That effortless pleasure for materials with a long history and the understated details for a kaleidoscopic, saturated effect. Explore the potentialities of the expressive use of timeless patterns, in a temporal short circuit that can make you feel comfortable and confident, all at once."