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April 2022
The exploration of the communicative potentials of the virtual world proceeds with the creation of the first Nemo collection of NFTs.
The minting activity involves the digital artworks of 3D Digital Artist Luca Baldocchi, currently exhibited in the Nemo Virtual Museum and now part of the collection "NFT: Not For Today", the homonymous title of the inaugural exhibition of the virtual museum.
Loyal to the company's aim of discovering emerging talents, Nemo supports Baldocchi as both creator and interpreter, who dematerialises design and Nemo icons demonstrating bravery and intuition.
The artworks, available for sale on Foundation on the artist's profile, express Nemo's devotion and zeal in exploring new contexts, enriching the communicative omnicanality and creating an eclectic and enthusiast community around the brand.
Nemo, however, differs from Captain Nemo and Professor Aronnax in Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and does not explore the natural environment, "the open sea, the boundless ocean, with its fury, its calamities, the mysteries and wonders it holds within its bosom", but the digital world. Understanding its dynamics, development and limits is part of its passionate spirit. In the words of Professor Pierre Annorax: "There is food for thought even for the most impassive man in the world".
AM2Z, Franco Albini, F. Helg, A. Piva, M. Albini, Applique à volet pivotant. Charlotte Perriand, Wall Shadows, Charles Kalpakian in Comma, Luca Baldocchi
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