Nina Graziosi for Lensvelt

Designer for Lensvelt

November 2015
This year  presented a system of adjust- able desks called UNM (You and Me), devised in various materials by Italian/Dutch designer Nina Graziosi. However exclusive the desks might appear, they meet every standard and regulation, and their height can be adjusted using a wheel whose technical elements are hidden in the central panel. UNM has been developed to push the boundaries of office interiors into a more luxurious and stylish panorama. As the designer ex- plains, “This project was born from a very frustrating moment last year. I was meant to work on the interior design of certain offices, and I kept coming across the same elements, adjustable desks that were either too technical or merely functional, or systems that had already existed for decades. All with height-adjustable legs. Together with Lensvelt, we imagined a different solution for changing the height, such that the move- ment is contained in the horizontal element, allowing the architect or designer to select another material for the lower panels. Choices range from stainless steel, copper, Plexiglas, marble, glass... There have so far never been glass legs in office environments.” Some 100 desks from the UNM collection by Lensvelt are on display in the head office in Amsterdam.