Norman Foster teams up with Stelton

The famed architect creates a range of tableware for the Danish brand

May 2018
Renowned architect Norman Foster is famed for his architectural success – his firm Foster & Partners is behind some of the world's most famous buildings, including London City Hall and The Reichstag Building in Berlin.
But recently, the architect has applied his attention to detail to create a range of tableware for Danish brand Stelton.
Using stainless steel, porcelain and glass, Foster has sculpted wine goblets, a carafe, bowls and a tray that celebrate the "power of a curve".
"There is a wonderful ambiguity in the power of a curve, the power of a line, whether it is defining an individual, a building, a bridge, a skyline, or a vessel," Foster said. "They are all part of the same family, in a way. The issues of quality, workmanship and textures is common to all these different scales."
"In the end, it comes down to the elements that we touch, the interface of our daily lives. The translation of a design idea through prototyping and production and the quality of those finishes is vital. Whether that is a mass manufactured product or a handcrafted object. The common denominator is the care and love that goes into it at every stage, creating a product that is going to be part of everyday lives."
Originally launched at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt earlier this year, the pieces were on show as part of the 3 Days of Design festival that took place in Copenhagen from 23 to 25 May 2018.