Oilcloth Green, Tio Easy Chair

Oilcloth Green


April 2021
Patinaed copper roofs and the white-green leaves of the willow tree were the inspiration when Massproductions expanded its outdoor furniture range in a new light green shade. Now the popular Tio Collection and the Roadie bench are now presented in a new colour named “Oilcloth Green”.
“For us, it is important that an outdoor piece of furniture can be in nature without creating too much visual clutter. It is a challenge that requires a certain fingertip feeling. A colour that in the indoor environment can appear pale, becomes very strong in full daylight amongst nature's slightly duller colour scale”, says Magnus Elebäck, CEO and co-founder of Massproductions.
The term "oilcloth" comes from the English term for the fabric that was originally used for the fisherman's sou’wester waterproof hat and durable tarpaulins. A coarse canvas fabric is treated with boiled linseed oil to give water-repellent properties, a characteristic that also suits outdoor furniture that must withstand the elements' impact all year round.
“In our existing spectrum of colours, we have lacked a lighter green. Maybe because it is challenging to place a green piece of furniture in greenery. We chose the colour Oilcloth Green because it does not compete with the greenery of the leaves but has its own character. It is a colour that also works in more urban contexts together with stone, wood and concrete”, concludes Magnus Elebäck.
As before, the new paint also consists of a UV-resistant powder coating developed for house facades, with extreme resistance to both sun and moisture.
Oilcloth Green, Tio Chair and Tio Coffee Table
Oilcloth Green, Tio Easy Chair and Side Table
Oilcloth Green, Roadie
Olicloth Gree, Tio Chair
Olicloth Gree, Tio Chair