Omer Arbel

Creative Director at Bocci

June 2017
Canadian design and manufacturing brand Bocci has launched three new pendant lamps, all developed in Bocci’s in-house glass and prototyping studio in Vancouver, where experimentation has produced four distinct techniques that provide the defining elements behind each new series. Omer Arbel cultivates a fluid studio culture between architecture, sculpture, invention, and design.
“Themes in my work include a focus on the intrinsic physical, chemical, and mechanical qualities of materials, the volumetric treatment of natural and artificial light, the propagation of self-organising patterns, stu- dio glass, and a romantic, mystical approach to the specific contexts and contingencies of each particular project. The new 84 Series light consists of a white glass bubble that has been captured inside a fine copper mesh basket and then plunged into hot clear glass.
Air is blown into the matrix to gently push the white glass through the mesh, creating a delicate, pillowed form. Sometimes the copper mesh basket folds and crinkles, adding specificity to each piece. Undulations in the exterior shape are a natural consequence of the fabrication process and accentuate the gentle white pillowing below.” An LED light source is introduced into the piece, casting a warm coppery hue.