Omer Arbel

Creative Director at Bocci

April 2016
A design and manufacturing company based in Vancouver and Berlin, Bocci has recently opened Bocci 79, comprising 2200 square metres inside West Berlin’s historic courthouse, showcasing a decade of work by Omer Arbel, ranging from pieces in progress, prototypes, and ideas, along with a complete catalogue. Arbel explains two of his most successful creations to date: “73 explores a technique whereby glass is blown into an extremely heat-resistant ceramic fabric. The process begins by sewing a loose fabric vessel and blowing hot glass inside, granting the glass a formal and textural expression that becomes permanent as it cools. Forced air pressure creates the final form, while the temporary fabric shell provides both a shape and a texture that is counterintuitive to glass. A flat LED lamp is positioned to fill the resulting volume with diffuse light, accentuating the perceptual dimensions of the piece. Contrarily, 16 is a glass light poured in layers and supported by a modular, tree-like armature. Each layer has a different opacity, which responds to the haphazard shape of the previous pour to create a uniquely layered whole. Two of these layered pieces are then attached together and illuminated with an internal LED lamp. The armature enables unique installations ranging from modest to monumental, simple to complex, in an infinite variety of possible forms.”