onde composition sofa white



March 2021
Luca Nichetto’s talent is at the service of GANDIABLASCO to design the innovative ONDE, a ground-breaking proposal that challenges the limits between outdoors and indoors. This is a complete collection of 14 pieces, including armchairs, two and three seat sofas and four different modules plus a pouffe that maximise the possibilities of configuring spaces.
In fact, the seal of identity of the prestigious Venetian designer can be seen in this proposal for outdoor furniture: a perfect symbiosis between Italian and Scandinavian design to give a result as aesthetically beautiful as it is effective in terms of functionality. Without artifice. “I always try to consider and mix these two opposing points of view to give my best. And, in doing so, create a strong empathy with the product I design, as it is the most beautiful emotion for me”, Nichetto explains
In ONDE, a structure made of welded thermo-lacquered aluminium and corrugated aluminium sheet draws the silhouette of a distinctive design that advocates timeless elegance. Another peculiarity of the collection is that it is based on a modular construction system that allows the creation of environments in which to enjoy the outdoors, adapting to the wishes and needs of each user. “Outdoor spaces are becoming more popular because the new generation of users are starting to make more life out of them and are taking the designs they usually use for indoor spaces to the outdoors”, Nichetto argues. He adds: “The key to ONDE is that it is able to create environments that can work in very different situations.
For this reason, the elements of the ONDE series are made up of individual pieces that can be combined to create infinite configurations for all types of spaces - outdoors and indoors - and areas - both public and residential as well as private
onde composition sectional grey blue detail
onde composition sectional grey blue
onde composition sofa white, detail
onde composition sofa white, detail
onde composition sofa white, detail
onde composition sofa white, detail