ekstra kold ovo

Ovo Chair — Erik Jørgensen

September 2020
A huge sheet of fresh egg pasta draped over an extra-large wooden rolling pin started the design process for the brand new Ovo chair designed by British designer Damian Williamson.
‘I began to examine how this nonchalant expression could translate into an easy chair. The upholstery of the backrest and armrest has been folded in the same way as the pasta. Even the soft curvature of the ower corners resembles the fluid perimeter of the pasta. The generous soft curved forms appeal to our senses and invite us to engage with the chair. The result is a very tactile object,’ explains designer Damian Williamson.
The idea for the name came as Niels Jørgensen, CEO Erik Jørgensen Møbelfabrik, and Damian were talking about the inspiration for the chair – the fresh egg pasta. Ovo is a play on words deriving from the Italian word ‘Uovo’, which means egg.
The perfect balance
Ovo is a refined easy chair with striking curves resting on a rigid squared steel frame. The same steel is also used as a beautiful slim line connecting the back and the front of the chair. As a result, you achieve a playful integration between the leather and the steel while hiding the stitched seam at the same time.
ekstra kold ovo