P.O.V. table, Again chair & barstool

P.O.V. collection


April 2021
An organically shaped table base and a modular design. TON introduces the new P.O.V. collection.
TON has started to collaborate with the German design duo kaschkasch, with which it shares a passion for minimalist and timeless design. The new P.O.V. collection, which stems from these principles, contains nearly 70 pedestal-table combinations and a stackable dining stool by the same name. Suitable for just about any interior, the modular system is named for its organically shaped base with a rounded triangular footprint, which presents a unique view from each new angle.
“The collection is defined primarily by the material used in its construction and by the shape of the table base. Made by joining three identical bent plywood forms, the base is the defining feature of the entire collection. The name P.O.V., or Point of View, derives from the fact that the look of the table differs depending on the angle of the view. It also symbolises the approach we use in our studio – as a design duo we need to understand each other’s point of view in order to reach the best possible solution. The same principle has also guided our collaboration with TON,” explained kaschkasch designer Florian Kallus.
P.O.V. table, Leaf chair & armchair
P.O.V. table, Leaf chair
P.O.V. table, Ginger
P.O.V. table, barstool
P.O.V. table, stool Again chair
P.O.V. table, stool Punton chair
P.O.V. table, stool, Split armchair
P.O.V. table, Split armchair
P.O.V. table, Split armchair
P.O.V. table
P.O.V. table, Ginger
P.O.V. table, Leaf chair & armchair
P.O.V. table, Merano armchair
P.O.V. table, trolley, Merano armchair
P.O.V. table, Again barstool