Designer for Agape

April 2017
A set of bathroom elements consisting of a bathtub and washbasins, Lariana has been designed by Patricia Urquiola for Agape. “The name pays tribute to Lake Como — in Latin, Larius, home to Il Sereno, a 5-star hotel I designed recently. It was for the bathrooms of this hotel that the first element was conceived: the Lariana bathtub, reminiscent of the early-20th century tub used by the great Milanese masters, notable for its compactness and the stark contrast between its gentle curves and clean-cut double casing.”
The Lariana family has also acquired a new countertop and pedestal washbasins, which made their debut at Design Post during IMM 2017. “In adding lightness to the solid portion of the bowl and accentuating its linear and modern shape, this washbasin retains the characteristics of the classic bathtub”.