Patrik Fredrikson & Ian Stallard

Founders of Fredrikson Stallard and Designers for Swarovski

July 2017
In creating the the Glaciarium collection, the designers were inspired by watching Swarovski’s complex crystal production techniques and the behaviour of the material in its raw state. The series of objects includes chandeliers and components as well as vases, bowls, and candle- holders for Swarovski’s latest incarnation, Atelier Swarovski Home, launched in 2016.
Fredrikson Stallard commented: “There’s always a balance in our work between the sense of something that has been made and something that has been found, and that’s what we refer to as effortlessness. This is a collection of functional objects with a sculptural aesthetic. They are studies of the relationship between natural and synthetic, geometric and organic, analogue and digital, sculptural and industrial, one-off and multiple.”