Designer for Caesarstone

September 2015
Movements, an interactive installation by London- based designer Philippe Malouin, was Caesarstone’s core event during the recent Milano Design Week. Cae- sarstone is a leading manufacturer of premium quartz surfaces, and Movements is a two part installation that examines the unexpected use of its surface material and process-based design. Experimenting with the inherent characteristics and textures of the Caesarstone collec- tion, Palazzo Serbelloni housed an interactive installa- tion made of an eight-piece swing-set created from the new 2015 surface designs. “For me, the starting point was to explore the material”, says the designer. “The idea was to spend time in the workshop, except that this was no ordinary workshop but a fully equipped, solid surface transformation facility. Caesarstone is an extremely versatile material that is easy to predict and to work with, and it offers a variety of colours and fin- ishes. I therefore experimented with a series of tech- niques and applications, ranging from the mundane to the more unusual.” Caesarstone has taken on the new, raw trend of industrial design, and pushed it further with its Concrete series. This makes a genuine design statement, combining coarse concrete with durabil- ity, performance, and style: an industrial look, with a clean, sleek, and sophisticated interpretation.