Designer for Abstracta

January 2017
Abstracta is a pioneer in the eld of acoustics, and has embraced the growing interest in sound absorption and more efficient working environments. The sound-scapes that surround us are perpetual and affect us more than we think. Abstracta has used this as its starting point and, combined with the company’s knowledge in this area, has developed products that create effective soundscapes for different office environments. Nature is the source of inspiration for Poul Christiansen’s My Hive for the Swedish company: an elegant and simplistic workstation with a height-adjustable or fixed-height desk. “With My Hive, we used the hexagon – a form that is present in the beehive as well as on turtle shells. This makes it possible to compose dynamic and surface-efficient desk configurations. Instead of having legs, the table-top is integrated into the sound-absorbent screens, thus freeing-up space. If the desk is replaced with a sofa, My Hive can be used for rest or informal meetings.”