Rianne Makkink and Jurgen Bey

Designers and Founders of Studio Makkink & Bey

November 2015
In recent years, Studio Makkink & Bey has been increasingly focused on interiors. “We often develop special products for certain interiors, which are subsequently launched on the market”, explains Jurgen Bey. For instance, the studio has been handling the interior design of the Municipal Offices in Rotterdam, a building designed by OMA. “In today’s working environment, people are always busy going somewhere. As a result, the lift lobby in an office building is no longer a tedious waiting area but an ideal place to meet people.” Together with GROUP A and Roukens + Van Gils, Studio Makkink & Bey designed the interiors of the 33-storey City of Rotterdam Municipal Offices. The emphasis here lies on the idea of always being busy going somewhere, which is in line with the New Way to Work: “What if waiting becomes less tedious because it is turned into meeting?” A striking example of this is the situation with the lift lobbies, which, covering a total floor area of 3,500 square metres, were transformed from waiting areas into meeting areas by adding standing-and-sitting furniture and colourful floors. Rotterdam had originally been designed as a ‘vertical city’. The workplaces, indicated as ‘districts’ within a city, are interconnected by means of ‘urban junctions’. The public rooms are the ‘parks’ and ‘squares’ — informal meeting places where people can relax, meet, and catch up.