Sarah Forrer


October 2016
Evoke is a collection of eating tools created by Sarah-Linda Forrer, a product designer based in Amsterdam. An experimental way of working leads her to an attractive tactility where materials, textures, and colours trigger the imagination and create a story through details and the beauty of the unseen. She strives to ennoble the raw, pure, and forgotten, with nature being her biggest source of inspiration. “In a world where the food system is so complicated that I no longer know where my food comes from and how it is produced, I feel the longing for a new relationship with what we eat.
This collection of sensual eating objects creates a stage on which food can be presented and savoured, in an attempt to increase the eater’s awareness of its fragility and preciousness. With soft shapes crafted in stoneware and porcelain, our senses are triggered. Neither cutlery nor plates, these tools evoke in us a more intuitive way of eating, giving new value to our food. They transform the act of eating into a moment of full attention, gratefulness, and pleasure.
The organic shapes become an extension of our hands and fingers, literally bringing us closer to what we eat. Contrasting with the conventional way of eating with a fork, knife, and plate, a family of shapes and sizes can be used in various ways to present and enjoy our meal.”
This project in still in progress and has a crowdfunding campaign. The final collection will consist of seven eating tools. Forrer graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in December 2013, in the Man&Identity department.