Sebastian Herkner

Designer for Agape

May 2016
The first collaboration between Agape and Sebastian Herkner set out this year to create an accessories line. Even at this early stage in his career, Sebastian is attracting attention with his works.
Born in 1981 in Bad Mergentheim, he has been focusing on designing objects and furniture merging various cultural contexts, combining new technologies with traditional craftsmanship in order to highlight the multifaceted beauty of the materials and draw renewed attention to small details. His designs have received multiple prizes, including the 2011 German Design Award in the Newcomer category and the EDIDA Award for Best International Newcomer 2015, and he was Guest of Honour at imm cologne 2016. For the Italian brand, he designed Gemma, a range of accessories for the bathroom.
“These are containers with lids that also act as trays to protect all the objects and products usually used in the bathroom and ensure they are readily at your disposal. The trays are made of shiny stainless steel and cover the cylindrical wooden containers that are available in various finishes and in different diameters and heights, to make it easy and enjoyable to perform all the usual everyday rituals in the bathroom.”