Signals, Barber & Osgerby. Photo: Eva Herzog


Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby

May 2022
Signals is a new solo show at Galerie kreo, a collection of lights that extends Barber and Osgerby's interest in the cone form, encompassing a series of floor, wall, and pendant lamps. It marks the studio’s first solo show with Galerie kreo, which began working with Barber and Osgerby in 2016 — a partnership that has, to date, created work including the Hakone family of furniture, whose precise joinery was inspired by Japanese Torii. Signals is the first lighting collection developed by Barber and Osgerby for kreo, with each lamp in the collection created using two principle materials, two pure shapes, and two different forms of making. “There are fragments from many different parts of our past work that have come into creating these objects,” says Osgerby. “Colour compositions, making techniques, and familiar forms. Each light acts as a signal for these ideas,”adds Barber.
The structure of the lamps is provided by hand-formed, colourful aluminium box sections, onto which are affixed large conical glass shades that have been mouth-blown by master artisans at the Venini workshops on the island of Murano, Venice. While the aluminium boxes are angular and direct, the Venini cones that bloom from it are delicate, translucent and soft, with the colour of the glass shifting subtly as the thickness of the glass varies across the surface of the shade. “There’s a tension between the industrial and the artisanal elements of the lamps, which we call engineered craft,” says Osgerby. “We’re always trying to work in this space between the sketch and the machine.”
First NFT Collection: Signal C4V
Galerie kreo and Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby are thrilled to announce their first NFT collection together: “Signal C4V”, which will be available for purchase on OpenSea in early May 2022.
In February 2022, Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby premiered their first solo exhibition with Galerie kreo in London, with a collection of lamps entitled “Signals”. The collection, now on view at the gallery’s Paris location, highlights the designers’ longstanding passion for colour and form, and comprises 8 different models — including floor lights, wall lights, and ceiling lights.
“Signal C4V” will be the ninth and last model of “Signals” — existing exclusively online, in the form of an NFT. As the first NFT for both Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby and Galerie kreo, "Signal C4V” participates in introducing a new phase to the NFT space and digital arena for design.
Signals, Barber & Osgerby. Photo: Eva Herzog
Signals, Ceiling Light (Coral), Barber & Osgerby. Photo: Alexandra de Cossette
Signals, Ceiling Light (Coral) and Hakone Bench (Oak), Barber & Osgerby. Photo: Alexandra de Cossette
Signals, Ceiling Wall Light (Yellow), Barber & Osgerby. Photo: Alexandra de Cossette