Skagerak debuts its first ever cabinet

The Jut cabinet has been designed in collaboration with British designer Thomas Jenkins

August 2018
A simple, wooden cabinet is set to join Skagerak's exisiting collection of minimalist furniture.
The brand, hailing from Denmark, created the Jut cabinet alongside British designer Thomas Jenkins – who now lives in the Norwegian capital of Oslo.
For his design, Jenkins placed an emphasis on negative space. He did so partially by placing round legs on the outer corners of the cabinet as opposed to underneath, while also concealing the brass-handles which are aligned right under the table top.
‘It needs to have enough presence that you grow attached to it, but not too much that you lose interest over time' - Thomas Jenkins.
As with the rest of their collection, Skagerak champion the Scandinavian ethos of creating simple products that have a long lifespan. In this instance, the choice of materials has been key for increasing the piece's longevity. While oiled oak wood has been used for the base, its top can be made from Spanish black marble decorated with light veins.
Skagerak was one of the brands to take part in this year's 3 Days of Design festival, which ran in May in Copenhagen. Read DAMNº's full report of the event here.