Snowsound-Lux by Caimi Brevetti

The Snowsound-Lux project aims to develop sound-absorbing panels

November 2017
Caimi Brevetti’s consistent approach in acoustic design research has led to the development of technologies such as Snowsound® and Snowsound®-Fiber. The latest addition to its range is Snowsound-Lux, a new multifunctional fixture. The Snowsound-Lux project aims to develop sound-absorbing panels that not only screen out the distracting noise of many public and private spaces, but is also embedded with a light source.
The new collection also includes Marc Sadler’s Oversize Lux, which is designed to turn sound-absorbing panels made with Snowsound technology from purely functional fixtures into real pieces of furniture, as they are suspended in a wave pattern from the ceiling. The panels resolve three design challenges: how to provide ambient lighting, how to lower the ceiling, and how to achieve acoustic comfort.

DAMN°65 Work presents products that are creating waves in the working field. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Body Conscious trend:

"Multifunctional fixtures and clever environments contain elements which lay the foundations for cooperation, communication, community and social interlace, but also for concentration, study and personal time. How to achieve a global personal comfort? Combining materials that respect not only the physical needs, but also today’s ethical priorities like sustainability and a conscious product’s lifecycle."