Van den Weghe

Owner of Van den Weghe

January 2017
Founded more than 60 years ago, Van den Weghe has become a specialist in the sourcing, finishing, and installation of the world’s most luxurious stone. From its main headquarters in Belgium, it ships stone around the world. Working with architects and designers to realise made-to-measure projects, Tanguy Van Quickenborne says, “Van Den Weghe is one of world’s premier natural stone companies. Driven by innovation, we are dedicated to the symbiosis of technology, aesthetics, and artisanship. In close collaboration with skilled architects and designers, we bring the allure of our luxury stonework to residences and businesses across the globe. Natural stone has been shaped by the earth’s most fundamental natural processes over aeons. As a building material, it has the potential to completely transform a space.
Stone influences our moods and inspires our thoughts. Even though it can be used to generate a diverse range of aesthetic effects, there is a common thread: timeless sophistication.” The highest-quality materials come from locations including Italy, India, Iran, Brazil, Norway, and Switzerland. “We bring these premium stone slabs into our atelier, where clients and architects can select the perfect pieces for their projects. Our artisans cut the slabs according to the client’s specifications, and finish them with the highest precision. An example of our innovative product development is Lapris, Van den Weghe’s proprietary plug-sockets and switches. Fusing the beauty of stone with electronics, we transform the practicalities of everyday life into aesthetic points of interest.”