Tavola Arcaica by Fabio Molinas

These caveman utensils invite people to bond with their food and domestic objects.

September 2017
Fabio Molinas is among the first to have engaged in the primitive trend in kitchenware design of the past few years. “Tavola Arcaica is a conceptual project that relies on our ability to build a strong emotional bond between people and food with everyday objects, that extends beyond their use,” says the Italian designer about his primal eating utensils. Molinas pondered what would happen if while eating we utilised the same tools as people did in the Stone Age:
“The tableware is a reinterpretation of prehistoric tools that have been adapted to suit modern man. Intrinsically ergonomic, they are designed to be used in the same way our ancestors grasped their tools. Thus, there is a primordial connection between the person and the dish. The use of the first tools made of stone was the initial technological discovery of our species. However, we have assimilated the use of utensils in a way that no longer gives them the importance they deserve.”
Just as polished stone tools are meant to resemble axes, knives, and containers, the pieces are designed following the pragmatic, ergonomically-clever principles displayed by our ancestors. Molinas goes on:
“A sophisticated evolution of good habits has brought us to the use of these tools under current forms such as blade-type forks and spoons, but our needs have not changed since then; they only follow the protocol that society has imposed on us. These preformed concepts have caused us to miss the primary bond that is created between man and food, building-in a small barrier of communication.”

DAMN°64 Food presents products that are creating waves in the kitchen. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Choreographic Core trend:

"The kitchen is a stage set, where the elements are intrinsically ergonomic, designed to make a primordial connection between user and form, material, tools. Importance is given to contact, movement, and presence, with the items becoming an extension of our hands and arms, bringing us closer to a daily personal ritual. Value is attributed to the moment just before tasting."