Tobis Grau

October 2021
Tobias Grau’s new TEAM HOME transforms home office illumination
A professional home office requires professional light. As companies around the globe continue to adapt and evolve their work-from-home flexibility, Tobias Grau’s new TEAM HOME desk lamp revolutionizes the quality and efficiency of home office illumination.
TEAM HOME is the first lamp to deliver office performance in a homefriendly design. The lamp integrates all the power and precision of workplace lighting in an elegant, minimalist form that fits readily and flexibly into the domestic space.
Designed and manufactured in Germany, all TEAM HOME components are engineered and optimized for maximum workspace wellbeing. Integral to the lamp’s design is Grau’s pioneering Beam Lens technology. Featuring hundreds of LEDs behind angled lenses, this gridded system ensures smooth, consistent, and glare-free light across an entire working surface. At 5000 lm, 3500 K and a color rendering of CRI 90, users can enjoy unrivalled clarity of illumination, while protecting eyes from strain, shadows, and glare.
For enhanced productivity, TEAM HOME also illuminates the surrounding workspace. A 10/90% direct/indirect light distribution surpasses any other desk lamp on the market, boosting WFH performance with a generous zone of focus and brilliance.
The lamp can also be controlled and configurated with the Grau- Control App, allowing users to define light scenes, groups of lamps, sensor settings, and human-centric lighting that adapts to your biological rhythm. For manual control, the Smart Touch panel makes for effortless activation and dimming, including optional Color Tune technology to adjust light brightness and color temperature throughout the day.
Streamlined for ergonomic use and hybrid home/work settings, TEAM HOME is available as a desk-standing model or as a clamp- affixed variant that can readily move between different surfaces – and in sync with a height-adjustable desk. Both models are available in a black, white, grey, or light blue finish.
TEAM HOME already won three internationally acclaimed design awards, namely the Wallpaper* Design Award, the Red Dot Design Award and this fall the Wallpaper* Smart Space Award.
Tobias Grau TEAM HOME blue home office
Tobias Grau TEAM HOME blue
Tobias Grau TEAM HOME grey
Tobias Grau TEAM HOME blue
Tobias Grau TEAM HOME blue