”A visionary concept for gas stations, collecting and distributing energies – based on natural and social resources.”

The Cloud – a new generation of gas stations

July 2014

Raumspielkunst Architectural Design & Concepts, Stuttgart, Germany.
Raumspielkunst, a German company specialized in concepts for architecture and design, developed a gas station for a client in Rancagu, near Santiago in Chile. "Considering the importance that energy will acquire in close future, the need to create symbols to identify their importance should appear as part of the global change of mindset. In that order ‘The Cloud’ and its service station Concept tries to unify and represent the different types of energies involved in our daily live and shows how the latest technology has developed tools to make them serve our needs, in a recognizable, unique structure which at the same time creates a new brand image. The project was born from the demand of the ownership to sell the plot, together with a concept attached to it, which may generate an attractive business for possible investors as well as a cultural reference for the neighborhood where it is implanted."
The Cloud by night.
The Cloud by day.