The Glass Kitchen by Valcucine

Valcucine is celebrating this anniversary occasion in its boutique in Brera, presenting a retrospective on glass

October 2017
This year, Valcucine celebrates the 30-year anniversary of its first Glass Kitchen, the one that introduced glass to the kitchen industry and established the current conditions which have allowed it to become the primary material employed to design and construct kitchen units. “I have always thought of glass as a magical material shrouded in mystery since it was first discovered some 3000 years ago. Eco-sustainable and resistant, glass reflects the same philosophy that my design concept is based on. It’s aimed at creating a feeling of well-being in the kitchen because it perfectly satisfies user requirements and manages to create a sensorial space, thanks to its textures. First and foremost, it is healthy to live in”, comments Gabriele Centazzo, Valcucine’s designer. Valcucine is celebrating this anniversary occasion in its boutique in Brera, presenting a retrospective on glass, portraying Valcucine’s pioneering spirit and eco-sustainable vision, which is always ahead of the times and the changing requirements of kitchen users, thereby modifying the paradigm throughout the sector, both from a stylistic and a constructive viewpoint, introducing the ‘glass is more’ principle. A special version of
Artematica Invitrum will be showcased: a kitchen made of 100% glass and aluminium, a transparent concept that respects the main principles of eco-sustainable design: dematerialisation, recyclability, reduction of toxic emissions, and durability, while challenging the laws of equilibrium by supporting a stone sink weighing over 200 kg, reminiscent of ancient fountains.

DAMN°64 Food presents products that are creating waves in the kitchen. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Medium Dry trend:

"The interior design of the kitchen has gained a warm look. Gone is the minimalistic trend of bare stone slabs and metres-long brushed-steel surfaces. Now there’s a gentle hybrid blending, where natural wood contrasts with industrial black powdercoated metal profiles and lavish surfaces with textures that complement smooth white marble, or where traditional oiled-oak meets grey travertine stone, creating a tactile and immersive experience."
Gabriele Centazzo, Valcucine’s designer