Thibault Van Renne

February 2016
“Everyone buys a seat, but not everyone buys a carpet. Carpets are seri- ously underestimated. They are wrongly considered by the younger generations as old-fashioned and classic, although they can be very contemporary, trendy, and subtle. Due to time-intensive manufacturing techniques, it takes six months to produce a carpet, which explains the high price.” As the son of a carpet dealer, Thibault Van Renne has been travelling to the Middle East since childhood, viewing unique pieces. In 2006, Van Renne launched a luxury carpet label offering unparalleled patterns and colours, created to prove that computer technology and pure craft are indeed compatible. “I started working with Photoshop, with scanned images and patterns.” The designs are contemporary, sleek interpretations of the classic oriental carpet. They play with lines, layers, contrasts, and colours, and are much abstracted from the traditional patterns and motifs on which they are based.