Thorsten Muck

Managing Director at Thonet

March 2016

Thonet has recently entered the world of lighting with its curvaceous Kuula globe light. In collaboration with lamp manufacturer Oligo, the well established German furniture company presented a product of minimalist design. The spherical, hand-blown glass luminaire balances on a sleek aluminium base, reminiscent of the Bauhaus and of the kind of lamps that traditionally grace Nordic windowsills. Kuula is equipped with an energy-efficient LED that has an output of 1000 lumens. “By virtue of our long history of collaboration, Thonet has a close philosophical connection with the Bauhaus school of design. Now, with designer Uli Budde, the brand has posed a question: If the designers of that iconic era were to explore the aesthetic and functional properties of a lamp using today’s technologies, what might the result be? Budde’s design immediately fascinated us. The combination of emotional effects created by the lighting, the simplicity of the design, the fascinating technology, and the playful functioning, made our hearts beat a little faster.” Kuula means globe or sphere in Finnish, hence the lamp’s distinctive appearance. The opalescent, sand-blasted portion of the glass globe is also invisibly coated to prevent fingerprints.