Todd Bracher

Designer and Creative Director at Humanscale

June 2017
Todd Bracher designed the beautiful wellness café in the heart of Brera that lasted throughout Design Week, offering visitors a moment of rest and recovery. It show-cased Humanscale’s nature-inspired lighting projects, conveying the perfect conditions for an optically and physically relaxing experience. Together with Bracher, Humanscale has explored the science of biological lighting and its connection to wellness. “Following the circadian rhythms, these solutions represent a step forward for mental well-being and its impact on physical health.
The company’s commitment to wellness in the workplace is the basis for this concept. Here we are offering an environment designed to re-tune your body clock and provide an opportunity to experience some of the latest technology. Science reveals the world around us. The biological effects of light have been scientifically verified. My role is to translate these elements. How does the biological effect of light really work? What are we able to observe as people and what do lighting designers have to take into account? Light is 110% predictable.” Biological lighting by Humanscale promotes good levels of concentration at work and enables people to decompress.