Unit One & Unit Two by Mark Braun

The two EPP-shaped units are a formal play, light but optically massive archaic.

December 2017
The organisation and storage modules Unit One & Unit Two, designed by Mark Braun for L&Z, are functional desktop sculptures.
The two EPP-shaped units are a formal play, light but optically massive, contemporary yet archaic in their allure. EPP is 100% recyclable, non-hazardous to health, waterproof, and extremely robust and durable.

The goal of L&Z is to develop products, which address and respond to this process in an intelligent way. Sustainable and ergonomic, our high quality designs are efficiently produced whilst retaining beauty in their design. Products that are dedicated to the classical modern principles of functionality and high value, but are contrasted by a hint of irrationality. Practical and reasonably priced items, embellished in their final stage of development by a characteristic, emotional note, which strengthens their bond to people. Objects that find mere function, as well as pure decoration unsatisfying.
L&Z was established in Berlin in 2011 by Lorch and Zimmermann. In cooperation with both leading and young designers, the label develops and produces mobile and performance-oriented products for the requirements of today’s workplace. This approach – more specifically the Ed Mobile Pedestal – was awarded the German Design Award in 2013.

DAMN°65 Work presents products that are creating waves in the working field. Says Productivity editor Patrizia Coggiola about the Bespoke and Inclusive trend:

"The office goes simple. Visual comfort that is perfect to complement today’s new mantra, the need for a versatile, warm, inclusive piece of furniture conveying emotional and inspiring spaces. We want to feel the atmosphere, sporting here a touch of solid wood, there a honest, clean aesthetic. All over the place, durable pieces that withstand the test of time."