USM Haller system

"Perfect light to highlight different objects, creating atmosphere and orientation"

December 2017
This year, USM integrated light into its signature USM Haller system, adding even the possibility for USB power supplies.
‘Whether it is in the reception, on the sales floor, or at home in the living room, the new USM Haller E lighting solution creates the perfect light to highlight different objects, creating atmosphere and orientation,’ said Thomas Dienes. ‘Dimmable lighting elements can be discreetly retracted into the metal rods to serve a wide variety of purposes: they can light shelves and display cases from the inside, or effectively cover a room wall with light to set the scene, choosing from a daylight glow or a warm white ambiance. Open a drawer for an immediate and clear overview with sensor-controlled interior lights. Just like the light sources, USB chargers can be attached wherever they will be the most useful - plugged into pre-defined recesses, they are fully integrated with the rods and barely visible. What’s revolutionary with USM Haller E is the power supply. There aren’t any cables. The structure itself guides the current through the specially developed e-Tubes, e-Balls and e-Connectors, all of which replace the traditional components.’ Control via mobile apps, touch-sensitive furniture surfaces and programmable lighting scenarios, these are the fields of research that the company and USM Haller system will introduce as part of its future-oriented solutions.

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