Gumdesign for antoniolupi

January 2022
VOLUMI is the new line of carpets designed by Gumdesign for antoniolupi. A collection with irregular shapes that plays with perception.Irregular shapes, three-dimensional effects and color contrasts. These are the elements that describe Volumi, the new series of carpets born from the collaboration between antoniolupi and Gumdesign. A project designed to play with our perception, revealing something different to us at every glance.
“Volumi is the new collection that extends the range of the Tramato carpets that trace everyday living. Vertical, horizontal, oblique lines intertwine with colored backgrounds and generate unexpected spaces and perspectives, geometries that chase each other in a contrast between white, black and the antoniolupi color palette”, says Gumdesign.
Between optical effects and unexpected color accents
Born from the evolution of the Tramato carpets always designed by Gumdesign, the Volumi collection takes up the elegant and timeless black & white palette, while introducing an extra touch of color: terracotta red. A warm brushstroke of color that helps to animate the two- dimensional surface of the carpet. A disruptive and unexpected detail that transforms the carpet into a sort of abstract painting.
Not just color, though. Volumi rugs by antoniolupi come to life from the encounter between lines and geometric backgrounds. Inclined lines that define new perspectives, geometric backgrounds that convey a sensation of movement and depth. A balance of full and empty, of light and dark, of thin parallel or perpendicular lines that outline well-defined areas of different dimensions. Optical effects that give three-dimensionality to the surface, creating “volumes” that decorate the rooms without taking up space.
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL667
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL675
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL676
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL 662
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL 671
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL656
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL658
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL660
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL662
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL663
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL664
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL666
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL670
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL671
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL674
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL676
antoniolupi VOLUMI VL677