W203 Ilumina lamp by Ilse Crawford for Wästberg

February 2020
Swedish lighting brand Wästberg's has unveiled the W203 Ilumina lamp, designed by Ilse Crawford to "mix beauty with energy efficiency".
Wästberg unveiled the lamp during the recent Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, alongside other new products by designers including Claesson Koivisto Rune, David Chipperfield and Dirk Winkel.
Crawford's London-based studio was asked to create a modern take on a familiar typology that utilises the latest lighting technologies.
The lamp has a central column containing a hidden LED light source. Light is projected onto a reflector underneath the disc-shaped shade to create an even glow on the table surface.
The product uses a high-frequency driver to provide a flicker-free light that is also dimmable. Linear holes in the shade allow some light to pass through and create a regular slotted pattern around the rim.